Literal translation from German means “Grief-Bacon”. In more cultural terms, it is the weight gained from emotional eating. It is the food making a day better and satisfying an otherwise hurting soul depending on interpretation. In other words, making the best of the “wurst”. For us, it is the idea of comfort food and a meal that brings you home.

Our cuisine represents an eclectic mix of comfort food with a tribute to traditional European dishes, accompanied by American classics. The abundance of local agriculture at our fingertips allows us to build dishes based upon what arrives at our door each morning, so you'll always see a surprise or two when perusing our menu!

The retail delicatessen features house-made sausages, deli meats, and charcuterie, in addition to a full service butcher shop. We will offer prepared take-away items and gourmet “heat and serve” meals, as well as pickles, preserves, cheeses and breads. Customers are welcomed by knowledgeable butchers and staff who can guide them through their selections as they enjoy a glass of wine or beer, or just as a quick stop on their way home.


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