Our Story

After meeting first year of culinary school and working side by side for many years. This culinary team of husband and wife decided to venture out on their own to share their love of food and butchery with their childhood city.

The Shop/Restaurant

Kummerspeck is a hybrid concept of both a full service butcher shop and delicatessen as well as restaurant and bar. The idea behind this concept is to provide customers with a nice, relaxing evening out as well as an opportunity to take our meats and wares home to cook for themselves. A knowledgeable staff will provide guidance with that daunting holiday meal or order that cut of meat that grandma used to get but you can't find anymore.

Meet the Team


Rachel Coit

Co-Executive Chef and Owner


Raised in Harvard, Massachusetts, Rachel learned at an early age the importance of supporting local farmers. Being a member of 4-H and growing up around farms like Carlson’s Orchards instilled a deep love of local food, which inspired her enrollment at New England Culinary Institute. NECI further cultivated her passion for sustainability and local resources, providing a sturdy foundation in the culinary field, and inspired a love of global cuisine.


Matt Mahoney

Director of All Things Awesome

Co-Executive Chef

Growing up just outside of Worcester in Spencer, Massachusetts, Matthew was surrounded by farms and his family kept a ragtag group of animals on the property for most of his younger years. A few sheep, a couple beef, and many chickens and turkeys all made their way to the dinner table eventually. This instilled in him a connection early on between the stable and the plate, and this connection quickly turned to a deep respect for the life and the death of the animals we call food as well as for the farmers who work so hard to raise them.


Adam Sheldon

General Manager/ Beverage Director

Being from the North Central Massachusetts town of Westminster, I have enjoyed the country side and its farmers for most of my life. As a child, our family ate from the farm stands and we had fresh milk delivered to our home every week. It is extremely exciting to have Chefs coming to this area that care about and utilize the hard work of our local farmers. At Kummerspeck I get to work for two of them. As a young man I decided to move to Boston and pursue a career in hospitality. This move provided me the opportunity and experience of working with some amazing people, learning everything I could about service, cocktails, and farm to table cooking. Now I have the opportunity to work in that same style right here in Worcester. I truly enjoy pairing our beverage program to this great food and serving it to you without pretense. I look forward to sharing what we are doing here with you very soon!