fall cocktails 12.14.17

Kummerspeck Buzz Juice

Since being brought on as the beverage director of the would be Kummerspeck in April of 2017, I have had the goal of creating a beverage program that is fun, works well with the food, but above all lacks pretense and is super approachable. I am very comfortable with our guests knowing some wines on the list, but the goal is to also offer a few things people haven't tried. The cocktail program is comprised mostly of small batch spirits, and the beer list features a vast array of European and New England offerings. The focus through all of the research and tasting of the products is to provide you with something you can relate to. Im from Worcester County, and if you ask for a White Russian Im not going to talk down to you then into a gin cocktail from 1895. Im going to make the best damn coffee syrup from cold brew made from Acoustic Java (Worcester MA) beans and pair it with farm milk and vodka made in Gloucester Massachusetts.  The most important thing to remember is that we eat and drink in restaurants for fun. If you want to try something new and learn a bit along the way, the staff and I are ready to guide you through our offerings without taking the time or focus away from the culinary. After all, it is all about the FOOD.

Adam Sheldon
General Manager & Beverage Director

Mulled Cider 12.08.17